Answered: Why Is It Safer To Add A Curb To The Road?

Remember the curb on the side of the road, which is added during every construction of highways? While you may think that there isn’t much of a significance added to the curbs in the roads, it plays a crucial role that makes it the guardian God that looks after your safety.

The lack of knowledge about the importance of the curbs has compelled it to be called an unsung hero. Although many think that it adds aesthetic appeal to the roadways, trust us when we tell you that there is an inherent cruciality in the extension of the safety of the road.

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In Case You Want A Thorough Read Thoroughly About The Role Of Curbs On The Road, Keep Reading On…

  • Increased Safety

Curbs are important for strengthening the point of safety for pedestrians. Normally, they do it in two ways; number one creates a demarcation between the road and the sidewalk. While the other is by creating a drainage channel with the help of a Curb And Gutter Machine to provide a space for water runoff.

Normally, pedestrians will be more in trouble without a curb as they can be hit by vehicles. A study has shown that nearly 6000 pedestrians are killed by cars. Meaning that one accident occurs every 88 minutes.

Without a curb in the road, it will become rather difficult for the people, be it the drivers or the pedestrians, to decipher where the road is, where the parking lot, or where the parking spot ends. Discerning where the sidewalk begins will be tougher as well.

  • A Safe Channel For Run-off Water

The curbs created by the Slipform Machine help generate a space that can be used to create a channel for runoff water. Whether the water source is rain or melted snow, ice, or storm drains, it will have the right location for the drainage.

Moreover, the system will provide clear and dry sidewalks so that pedestrians can easily walk on them. As the curbs delineate between the driving road and the sidewalks, it becomes easier for one to find the right place to walk on. It also keeps them safer from the build of ice and flooding.

Ending note:

The matter of safety is essential when it comes to curbs. However, one factor that increases the significance of the curbs relies on their aesthetic appeal. A firm and broader curb will eliminate the grey and dull appearance. It highlights the beauty of nature, making it appear joyful.

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